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rinditech.com is a resource site for those users or any technology enthusiasts who need to update and answer their unique questions. Here you can find: 

  • Latest information about technology 
  • Tips to optimize your gadget or system 
  • Tutorials to help you customize your gadget as you need 
  • provide the right references
  • And many more! 

This site is maintained by Rindi Putra & Team - Professional Blogger and Digital Designer who lives in West Java, Indonesia. We have been developing and designing websites with Blogger since 2010, and contribute constantly to some writing forums.

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Rindi Putra
Rindi Putra
Graphic Designer & Technology Junkie Graduated with 'International Trade Management' Major | 2 Years of Professional career on International Shipping Company & 3 Years career on Local Fashion Brand Company | 8 Years (and still counting) as Digital content creator. Feel free to connect with me on Social Media Instagram: @rindiputra :)

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